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non medical practitioner
systemic therapist
SFBT focussing attempt
wellbeing facilitator
couple therapist
team coach
Montessori teacher
medical nurse

Böblinger Straße 87
70199 Stuttgart-Heslach
✆ +49 (0) 173 - 913 34 57
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How to systematically foster social learning

The need for social learning and the targeted encouragement of social competencies is gaining traction. To orchestrate social co-existence, to transmit social and methodical competencies and to prepare for the requirements of working life, social learning needs to be conveyed and communicated selectively and specifically.

Social Learning
Social learning ought to be part of the basics of school education, without taking or meaning to take the responsibility of a child's upbringing away from its..
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Social Competence
In the wake of broadening professional, social and regional mobility, traditional milieus like family, neighbourhood, church, political parties or clubs lose more..
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Communication and Arguing
In todays climate of communication it is not easy to learn to argue in an adequate and safe manner. We encounter such words as “conflict competence“, “conflict culture“, “communication“ ..
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