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non medical practitioner
systemic therapist
SFBT focussing attempt
wellbeing facilitator
couple therapist
team coach
Montessori teacher
medical nurse

Anfahrt Überschrift
- Book author on the poetic body of thought of teenagers, 1980-88. Published 1997
- Author and copy right ownership of a tabular compendium of 3rd party research on the holistic growth of children
- Author and copy right ownership of a Hatha Yoga Chakra chart entitled "Mind, Body and Spirit"
- Concept development for the implementation of mediation at International Schools
- Qualified nurse of human medicine and psychiatry
- Anaesthesia training and certificate in Microbiology
- Montessori Teaching Diploma for the Management of a Daycare Centre for Children
- Hatha Yoga teacher recognised by the Yoga Alliance of Scotland, UK. Trained according to the “British Wheel of Yoga“.
- Ashtanga Yoga First Series, recognised by the Yoga Alliance of Scotland.
- Continual extension training with internationally renowned yoga teachers such as Ali Dashti, Dona Holeman, Aadil, Michael Forbes, Bob Blaeser, Donna Fahri, Ana Forest, Ramanand Patel and Dharma Mittra.
- Meditation project in Nepal 2001
- 4 Projects (among others with UNICEF) in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya
- Further training for giving assistance to students performing asanas and mudras with Brian Cooper, Yoga Alliance of Scotland.
- Diplom Grundausbildung Mediation
- Certificate from the “Streitschule München“
- Diploma for basic training: Mediation
- Certificate for Conflict Moderation
- Diploma for Systemic Councelling
- Additional training for Systemic Individual Counselling & Therapy as well as Solution Oriented Approaches
- Additional training systemic Couples Counselling & Therapy