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Mediation Überschrift
The word 'mediation' has its origins in late Latin, where Mediation means peacemaking, conciliatory intervention. In legal terms, mediation denotes an extrajudicial resolution of conflict between the concerned parties. The mediative method comprises the search for a transparent solution to a problem which brings about maximum acceptance in both parties.

On 26th July 2012 a law for the Promotion of Mediation and other Methods of Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution was passed in Germany, making a signed mediation paper a legally valid document.

Mediation can be the correct and practical approach for all such disputes in which the parties wish to or have to seek a conjoint and/or amicable solution for a conflict.

In difficult cases such as a separation or divorce, for problems in school or with child rearing, a neutral mediator may even be necessary for conflict resolution.

Disputes within the family, in school and at the workplace, parents undergoing separation, quarrelling friends, inheritance contentions and neighbourhood conflicts - the list goes on. In many mediation cases the parties seek and eventually sign a legally binging agreement, yet a civil court procedure nevertheless wishes to be avoided. In such instances, mediation is a sensible option.

The Harvard Concept of Mediation: „Be hard with facts but soft on the person.“

The win-win principle

Thought does not mean said.
Said does not mean heard.
Heard does not mean understood.

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