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Signatur Ines Reinboth

non medical practitioner
systemic therapist
SFBT focussing attempt
wellbeing facilitator
couple therapist
team coach
Montessori teacher
medical nurse

Böblinger Straße 87
70199 Stuttgart-Heslach
✆ +49 (0) 173 - 913 34 57
Soziales Lernen Überschrift
“The world is not being threatened by bad people, but by those people who permit evil.“ -Albert Einstein

Social learning ought to be part of the basics of school education, without taking or meaning to take the responsibility of a child's upbringing away from its parents. It should always be our goal to retain a child's sense of their own uniqueness, while supporting them in finding their way through their social environment. Nowadays, violence, aggression and social disinterest have not only found their way into offices frequented by adults. They have started creeping into kindergartens, where our children seldom spend less than 8 hours a day; for them, this is truly a working day.

Children, teenagers and young adults have in reality not changed much, but the upbringing adult has - and with him the supposed goal of upbringing. The cognitive elements of upbringing have gained importance, economic aspects are highlighted more and more, whereas the developments of emotional processes are experiencing a different, often lesser social standing. However, social learning is imperative, today more so than ever. Children and teenagers cannot learn without role models - and they are far and few between.
Tolerance, fairness, discipline, the ability to cope with conflict, respect, justice… all of these can be learned here, in a safe and common framework. The field of social learning, which does not involve the procurement of pure knowledge but which is a collaborative social process, begins at the moment in time when an adult concedes that he or she can learn from a teenager what solidarity means.

"Looking the other way" is something too many people do already. 2015 has not made it easier to take a stance and represent an opinion. If you'd like to know more about his, just give me a call.

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