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Signatur Ines Reinboth

non medical practitioner
systemic therapist
SFBT focussing attempt
wellbeing facilitator
couple therapist
team coach
Montessori teacher
medical nurse

Böblinger Straße 87
70199 Stuttgart-Heslach
✆ +49 (0) 173 - 913 34 57
Führungskräfte Nachwuchs Überschrift
Do the following questions occupy your mind?
- How do I appear to my boss? Does he count on me? What do I have to change for him/her to encourage and promote me?
- How can I advance professionally? What do I lack in comparison to the 'best in class'?
- Do I want a job change?
- What if I proposed to myself to get a job on the next step of the career ladder in the next 3 months?
- Am I sufficiently working on my professional options? Am I establishing a professional network?
- What significance or weight do I want to accord to my career in the triad job/ private life/ personal interests?

My offer to you:
- Develop edge and poignancy in your personality and your impression on others through intensive analysis, optimisation of your soft skills, social competencies as well as improvement in your physical and mental fitness
- Joint formulation of a short to mid-term career plan (next 1 - 3 years) with potential input from a specialist or consultant in your field
- Accompaniment in your career planning and its implementation

A realisation and awareness of the real circumstances often lead to increased clarity after just one session. Don't forsake the chance!

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