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Signatur Ines Reinboth

non medical practitioner
systemic therapist
SFBT focussing attempt
wellbeing facilitator
couple therapist
team coach
Montessori teacher
medical nurse

Böblinger Straße 87
70199 Stuttgart-Heslach
✆ +49 (0) 173 - 913 34 57
Führungskräfte Überschrift
Do the following questions occupy your mind?
- Do I have everything under control - my job, my private life, and myself?
- How do I appear in my professional environment - to colleagues as a boss, and to my clients?
- Does my private life impede the advancement of my professional career, and if yes, to what extent?
- Do I have the feeling that my partner and/or children have no idea how stressful my job really is?
- Do I really know what my partner and/or kids accomplish every day, and when did I last ask them?
- How are my children, actually?
- Am I a 'good' husband/ wife/ father/ mother/ friend/ boss? What can I contribute?

My offer to you:
- Joint formulation of honest personal feedback: who am I and how do I appear to others?
- Joint formulation of areas with improvement potential and consequent establishment of a courses of action to implement changes

An initial we can stipulate by phone or by mail!

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